Benefits of OWTFA Membership

1. We provide a provincial platform for members to address common industry issues with a strong unified voice so our opinions and concerns are heard and acted upon. A recent example is the exclusion from requirements under Ontario's Bill 124 following industry input.

2. Timely industry news and communications through the association network including member newsletters, member meetings like the annual general meeting and the OWTFA website.

3. Networking opportunities at member meetings including the annual golf tournament.

4. Provincial voice on national bodies such as the TPIC (Truss Plate Institute of Canada) and membership in the CWTA (Canadian Wood Truss Association) and Canadian Wood Council.

5. Development of cost-effective member only programs such as a truss specific Insurance Program and a Quality Control Program for truss manufacturers.

7. Promotion of the use of wood trusses in construction with the use of seminars, trade shows, literature, web site and articles.

8. Exclusive use of the OWTFA logo.

OWTFA Programs

The following programs are exclusive to members of the OWTFA in good standing.

OWTFA Quality Control Program
CWTA Insurance Program
OWTFA Collective Purchasing Program for Employee Benefits

Truss Customers