The Ontario Wood Truss Fabricators Association


Winter 2013
30th Anniversary OWTFA AGM
Thursday, January 24, 2013
Niagara Falls
AGM2013agendaFINAL.pdf (308KB)
OWFTA_Jan_2013_Nose_Knows_Tour.pdf (51KB)

Spring 2011
ONTARIO TRUSS REPORT Photovoltaic Solar Panel Design Considerations for Wood Roof Truss Systems (48KB)

Wood solutions in mid-rise construction. (43KB)

ONTARIO TRUSS REPORT - LSL Makes Conventional Framing Lumber Obsolete, And Makes A Money-Saving Substitute For LVL (74KB)

January 2011
Opportunities for Wood in mid-rise construction. (as published by Ontario Wood WORKS!) (7,186KB)

Wood solutions in mid-rise construction (as published by CWC Wood Works) (1,210KB)

June 2011
Photovoltaic Solar Panel Design Considerations for Wood Roof Truss Systems (46KB)

September 2010
Finding quality lumber for trusses (As published in The Working Forest Fall #1 2010 • Vol12#6.) (77KB)

April 2010
Role of wood in building (as published in the Ontario Construction Report). (21KB)

December 2009
Ontario Construction Report - December issue (1.2MB)
WoodWORKS 2009 - Working Forest – December issue (2.5MB)

July 2009
Ontario Truss Report - Are You Using the Correct Fasteners? (177KB)
As Published in the Ontario Construction Report

May 2009
Ontario Truss Report - Truss Uplift (12.1KB)
As Published in the Ontario Construction Report

March 2009
Report on the OWTFA AGM (11.1KB) - Mississauga, January 2009

January 2009
Ontario Truss Report (25.2KB)
As Published in the Ontario Construction Report

November 2008
Ontario Truss Report (12.6KB)
As Published in the Ontario Construction Report

August 2008
OWTFA Hires Executive Director
By Gerry Frey, OWTFA President

In a move to solidify our administration and create a solid foundation for growth the OWTFA has hired Mike Phillips to become the association's new Executive Director. Mike has been involved with the organization for many years. Since 2001 he has assisted at our AGMs. But if you go way back to when the organization was first formed in the 1980's Mike was there.

In the late 1980s he created some ads, developed our first logo and attended AGMs. Other than observing the OWTFA from the sidelines Mike has spent the last 20 plus years providing various clients with marketing and communications services through his marketing company, MVP Marketing. Clients have included other trade associations such as the Canadian Pallet Council, Structural Board Association, Canadian Association of Warehousing; Distribution Services, and the Canadian Food Brokers Association. Plus he has worked with elements of the wood industry and in many other business-to-business marketing situations.Currently his biggest client is Toronto clothing retailer Tom's Place.

Outside of work Mike tells me he takes an active role in the sporting pursuits of his 3 male children, primarily in soccer and hockey. He is happily married and lives in south Etobicoke in Toronto. Expect to hear from Mike as we get the organization moving on various projects through the fall and this winter.

Mike's contact details are:

Mike Phillips, OWTFA
5 Glenaden Ave. E.,
Toronto, Ontario M8Y 2L2

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