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Best Chainsaw Chains For HardWood

The chainsaw has continued to gain popularity since its invention. Today, most woodcutters have dumped the use of ask for the more innovative chainsaw. Of course, the choice is understandable, considering the speed and efficiency of chainsaws. A very important part of the chainsaw is the chain. It will make for unfruitful labor if your saw chain is not properly sharpened.

The popularity of chainsaws means that most of their accessories come in different models and brands. As expected, different models of chainsaw chains are produced for different purposes. In this article, Owtfa.com will focus our guide on reviewing 5 of the best chains for chainsaw machines. There are tons of different models in the market, but after careful research, we found these to be the best for cutting hardwoods.

Husqvarna H30-72 Pixel Saw Chain Model

Best Chainsaw Chains For HardWood

There are only very few chainsaw chains in the class of the Husqvarna H30-72 Pixel. The company behind its production is a reputed one, so we do not expect any less from them. This saw chain is the perfect choice for chainsaw users that consistently use their chainsaws on hardwoods. The chain is durable, sharp and long-lasting. So, you are guaranteed of the best cutting experience. It is compatible for nearly all the popular brands of 18″ chainsaws.

The versatility of this model is impressive, considering that it is suited for all types of woodcutting projects. Hence, its soaring popularity.

The thing about this product is that it cuts smoothly through smooth and rough woods with ease. The chains will not get stretched or compressed by the roughness of any wood, so you can go on working without scare of damage.

Homeowners too can also use this chain for working on big outdoor projects. Despite its durability for rough edges, there is still need to be careful when using this chain. This is because it has a tendency to lose go blunt when it contacts with stone, bricks, and ice.

Oregon Poulan Advance Cut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon Poulan Advance Cut Chainsaw Chain

One look at this chain and you can already tell that it is built to handle tough tasks. If you’re looking for the right chain for accurately cutting through hardwood, then this is it. It offers everything a professional woodcutter will need in a chain, from performance to durability, and speed. That does not mean that it cannot be used by homeowners.

The manufacturers of this chain had versatility in mind even they created a chain that can hold its ground for home and professional use. Usually, it is created to fit with different brands of chainsaw, but the company provides for replacement and adjustment if it doesn’t fit into your brand. The innovative design of this chain means that you can get smooth cuts with it at faster time than you will with most others. This makes for the possibility of working faster and more accurately.

It is the perfect choice for use on any 18″ chainsaw, especially if you desire to get a smooth cut.

Poulan Super Chainsaw Chain

Poulan Super Chainsaw Chain

The Poulan brand may not be as popular as the others listed in this guide, bit they certainly know what it takes to be among the best. This chain is a clear representation of the level of quality that the brand can bring. Poulan is reputed for the manufacture of chainsaws. Recently, they diversified into the production of saw chains for sell, and this is one of the best of their product for cutting hardwood. While it is designed as a replacement chain for Poulan chainsaws, we’ve found that it is also compatible with most other popular brands.

The chain guarantees to remain sharp long if you are able to match it with the right chainsaw. Be assured that you will get incredible performance from the chain.

It is a very versatile chain. Hence, it can be used for nearly all projects. Surprisingly, the chain manages to combine all these incredible features at an affordable price.

Oregon S52 14Inch Chain

Oregon S52 14Inch Chain

Most people think that owning a 14″ chainsaw translates to less capacity, but that’s not exactly true. In fact, there are 14″ chainsaws that perform better than their larger rivals. With the Oregon 14″ chain fitted on your chain saw, you can be guaranteed of speed, performance, and quality.

This is a chain that can tackle all kinds of woods, from hard to light. The ability of the chain to make smooth and fast cuts, makes it the perfect option for a wide variety of cutting and trimming applications.

The presence of chamfer chisel cutters on the chain means more speed, durability, and precision. It is hard-chromed and heat-treated to make it tougher and more resistant to corrosion. While cutting, this chain has an ability to clear debris while reducing vibration and cutting away the risk of kickbacks.

Oregon D70 20″ Vanguard

Oregon D70 20 Vanguard

Yet another entrant from this brand into our list goes a long way to show how much attention the brand pays to quality. It. Is the perfect chain for your 20″ chainsaw if you intend to constantly cut hardwoods. Its innovative design easily gives it away as one of the best saw chain you will own.

There are so many things about this saw chain that stands it out from most of its rivals. It is manufactured with attention paid to durability, hence, its ability to maintain a steady cut for a long time without counting out. It is also designed to be fast and easy to use. It is probably the best option if you are a professional woodworker that intends to cut through a pile of woods within a limited time.

There you have it, some of the best saw chains available in the market for cutting hardwoods. Because of their nature, hardwoods can be quite difficult to cut smoothly, hence, the need for specialized chain. Each of the chains reviewed above will do an excellent job for cutting hardwoods.

Top 5 fastest cutting chainsaw chains

Chainsaws have become very popular over the years. Today, there’s hardly any wood dealer that doesn’t use chainsaws. A lot of manufacturers are already jumping on this popularity to make money; hence the availability of several options. Like the name denotes, a specialized chain is an important part of the device. There very little you can do with your chainsaw if you don’t have the right chain for it.

Just like chainsaws, there are several brands of chainsaw chains today and it will take a careful look to the best. While looking for performance in chainsaws, you want to also be sure that it offers adequate speed to get your work going. Hence the need to buy a chain saw chain that’s fast and capable. To make the process of selection easier, OWTFA.com researched and reviewed 5 of the fastest chainsaw chains in the market. Take a look at them:

Oregon D70 20-Inch Vanguard

fastest cutting chainsaw chains

If you are familiar with power tools, then you will surely know Oregon, a company that is reputed for manufacturing some of the best power tools and accessories. Again, they bring the quality they are known for the production of one of the best and most reliable chain saw chains.

The Oregon D70 20-Inch Vanguard is not just one of the best chains for chainsaws, but also one of the fastest for cutting woods. It features an innovative design that stands it out in look. In addition to its innovative look, it also offers an impressive performance rate, while paying adequate attention to safety and durability.

A lot of reviewers describe the Oregon D70 20-Inch Vanguard as a complete package of everything you will need in a chainsaw chain.

On its performance, the low-vibration cutting chain is built to deliver an impressive performance, while ensuring a smooth cutting experience at any time. Wood dealers like commercial cutters, arborists, farmers, and loggers will find it amazing, considering that it is one of the best product out there.

On compatibility, we found during this research that the chain is compatible with most 20″ saws from different popular brands. It is a great way to get the best performance from your power tool. The best part  of this chain is that it is designed specifically for speed- cutting through any type of wood, without giving out too much noise.


  • Fast and precise cuts
  • Designed to produce less noise
  • Good performance level.

Husqvarna 531300439 18Inch Pixel Chain

Husqvarna 531300439 18Inch Pixel Chain

Husqvarna has been quite a popular product in the power tools industry for long. This chain from them is everything you will desire for quick cutting of wood. There’s so much about this chain that stands it out from all its competitors. From its design, you can tell that it is designed for speed. It is one of the finest you will find for your 18″ chainsaw.

Apart from its impressive look, this chain has a lot more to offer. It delivers a performance level that’s also worth talking about. The chain is perfect for cutting through most projects that would have ordinarily been demanding. There’s no doubt about the fact that this is one of the best as far as chains for chain saws are concerned. The ability to retain its cutting edge well allows it to stay sharp through hours of tough use.


  • Designed to offer impressive performance.
  • Reasonably priced
  • One of the best products in its category.

Husqvarna H4684 24-Inch Saw Chain

Husqvarna H4684 24-Inch Saw Chain

Another entrant from Husqvarna further proves the brand to a force to reckon with in the industry. The Husqvarna H4684 24-Inch Saw Chain offers everything you will need in a chain, from speed, to durability and even topnotch performance.

The chain may not have the best look, but it is certainly one of the best to lookout for when it comes to performance. It features a ⅜” pitch and a 0.050″ gauge, making it the perfect choice for large chainsaws. The presence of 84 drive links means that it can cut through wood with ease to make your work faster. By its design, you can already tell that will cut clean, eliminating chips and debris during operation.

One major problem about this chain is its high cost. It is one of the most expensive as far as chain saw chains are concerned. However, they have a performance level that covers for their cost. The teeth is sharpness of the teeth is impressive. The cutting edge is retained for a long time, reducing the need to sharpen it before your work finishes.

The level of performance that it offers is good enough for commercial and home use. Despite that level of performance, it is still able to maintain clean and smooth cutting without needing a lot for maintenance.


  • Great for professional cutting
  • Retains its sharp edge for long
  • Very durable.

STIHL 26RS Chainsaw Chain

STIHL 26RS Chainsaw Chain

This chainsaw chain is one of the few that comes in a very innovative design. It is made to endure very tough conditions. Hence it’s use for tough wood. Its toughness, however is not its biggest selling point. Its ability to cut speedily is. While reviewing this product, we found the only major problem to be that it doesn’t fit with other brands or chainsaw apart from STIHL chainsaws.

 The company has an incredibly unique design, hence, the use of the chain on only it. The chain is quite popular for its incredible level of performance. If you are looking for a chain that cuts fast, even in the most intensive scenarios, then this is the perfect chain for you. With it, you can quite easily power through hard logs. It comes with features that are specially tailored to give you a smooth woodcutting experience.


  • It’s a versatile chain that can fit into different applications
  • The chain fits quite perfectly.
  • Sharp and fast.

Oregon S56 Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S56 Chainsaw Chain

This is yet another chainsaw chain that’s worth talking about in the list of fast chain saws. Enough is done to make the chain live up to the reputation for most other products from Oregon are known for. It is an absolute delight to work with on any kind of wood. One feature that we find amazing is the presence of all the required safety measures to keep users protected throughout work.

There are a few complaints about versatility. A few buyers find that it does not fit with their chainsaws as indicated in the pack. Apart from that, the chain is strongly built to deliver some of the most precise cuts you can find. It has all the features needed to satisfy any woodcutting need. While reviewing this product, we found its speed to be something impressive and worth talking about. It can chop logs for far lesser time that a lot of other chainsaws can. It is a great option to purchase for both home and commercial use.


  • Fast and reliable
  • Designed to handle tough applications
  • Good attention to safety

Speed is an important aspect of wood work. As a woodworker, you need to be fast and efficient with your work or lose out on important contract. Hence the need for every tool that encourages speed. These chainsaw chains are perfect for fast cutting of any kind of wood.

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Can you cut wet wood with a chainsaw?

How To Make Chainsaw Cut Faster

Can you cut wet wood with a chainsaw?

If you’re a wood worker, then it’s likely that you’ll have to deal with wet wood at one point or the other. For instance, you may need to cut off some huge tree branches after a rain, or you might even be hired to slice up wet wood. Now, many people ask a number of questions when wet wood is involved, and many of those questions are truly important. If you’ve never used a chainsaw on wet wood before, then you may want to know whether it’s advisable to go ahead, or whether to dry out the woods first.

There are quite a number of reasons why drying out the wood may be the best way to go, but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t also do just fine when the woods are still wet. In fact, many people think there are no significant differences between when you’re working on wet wood, and when the wood is dry.

However, if you’re going to be cutting wet wood with your chainsaw, then there are the things you should know or consider before you fire on. Putting every factor to consideration helps you achieve the same good results on every cut, hence it is ideal to take note of them.

Let’s go into detail with OWTFA.com

Can you cut wet wood with a chainsaw

How to effectively cut a wet wood with a chainsaw

There are no special rules to cutting wet wood with a chainsaw, and you’ll soon discover how easy and non demanding it actually is. Basically, one of the few most important things to consider, is the density measurement of the wood. This factor is about the only thing that would determine whether the regular chainsaw blades or a more purpose-specific one, is ideal. Just like you would do with a dense dry wood, find the appropriate chain that matches well with the wood density, and use only that.

After setting everything in order for work, check all the moving parts to see that they’re well lubricated. If you did not know, lack of proper lubrication on the chainsaw parts, may significantly hinder its functions. So before mentioning that the wet wood slowed down your work, why don’t you do some quick check on the machine you’re using?

Note that the wetness of the wood, has not been observed to necessarily affect the cutting effectiveness of the chainsaw. This means that the saw is able to pass seamlessly through the wood water. However, you must pay more attention to the machine parts, and how the wet wood components may gradually reduce its efficiency. Since the wood is wet, always remember that it would naturally be denser than dry wood, and so also would its dust be.

A basic contrast between cutting dry wood and wet wood with a chainsaw, is that the dry wood dusts falls off more easily- without attaching unto the chainsaw part. This is quite not so when cutting wet wood, and the air filter would need to do relatively more work to get the denser dusts off. As you cut, always watch to see that the wet dusts are not yet accumulated. Sometimes, the sound outputs from the machine changes when there’s accumulated dusts- so you may consider this.

Now, another thing you should know, is that cutting wet wood with your chainsaw, does not necessarily expose the machine to possible damage. Most chainsaw models on the markets, have been designed to cut both wet and dry woods, effectively- without a resultant wear and tear effect. So if you have a spoil chainsaw, stop thinking it definitely got damaged because you used it majorly on wet woods.

Safety precautions when cutting wet wood with a chainsaw

Safety precautions when cutting wet wood with a chainsaw

Asides the regular safety precautions associated with the use of a chainsaw, there are some specific safety precautions that are now more important, based on the fact that you’re working on wet material. Instead of thinking about the possibility of getting your chainsaw damaged, what you should be more concerned about, is your own safety while executing the tasks.

If your chainsaw model uses electric power, then you should know that it is ideal that you avoid coming in direct contact with the machine while it is under use. This is because you can’t always rule out the fact that the water from the wood, may come in contact with the live parts of the machine- which may result in electric shock. In order to protect yourself, always wear protective coverings for your hands and feet, especially.

The coverings should be entirely made of insulator materials, while you should also ensure that all required parts are well covered. In some situations where you have to deal with a lot of water, using a battery or fuel powered machine, is advisable. If your chainsaw allows multiple power source, then electricity power should be the last option you want to use.

Constantly check your machine’s air filter section, and keep it as dry as possible. In the instance that it’s beginning to get wet, take a break and clean off the penetrating moisture. If you discover that you’re really not able to keep the water away from the filter spot, then you really should consider doing the job some other time. For most times however, you should be able to find a way around this, and it shouldn’t turn out to be any much problem.

Furthermore, remember to wear safety boots with enough grip on the ground. It is possible that wet wood may become a little slippery, and you may need to put in some more efforts at retaining your balance. Also, never fail to wear safety helmets and face protection equipment, while you work. These would protect your head and face, even if you eventually fall. Asides the fact that gloves may protect you from electric shock, they could also help your hand grip on the machine.

Now, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t work more, with your chainsaw. The chainsaw machine does not have a problem with the rain; what you probably need is just a raincoat for yourself.

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How To Make Chainsaw Cut Faster

How do I know what angle to sharpen my chainsaw?

How do I know what angle to sharpen my chainsaw?

As a wood worker, always remember that the sharpness of your chainsaw blade, goes a long way in determining how neat each finished work would be. However, what is important is not just how sharp those chainsaws are, but also whether they have been sharpened in the right angles. So if you’ve not been very satisfied with your finished work outputs, then one of the things you should be checking, is whether the saw blades are actually at the right angles.

Now, don’t be surprised to know that the neatness and smoothness of your work, has a lot more to do with the angles at which you’ve sharpened the chainsaw. In fact, when you take the machine to a sharpening expert, the sharpening angle is about the most important factor that would be considered. If you’re not sure of what the sharpening angle means, then OWTFA.com would help you find out what you need to know.

What you should know about chainsaw angles

Every ideal chainsaw machine comes with a specific or ideal chainsaw angle. The chainsaw teeth angles are basically the inner and outer surface of the top and side plates of each tooth of the machine blade. Essentially, the chainsaw blade angles indicate the purpose of each chainsaw machine. Thus, if you have to go sharpen the blades, then you should make sure that it is sharpened according to the purpose for which it was designed.

How do I know what angle to sharpen my chainsaw

For instance, crosscut chainsaws are usually sharpened at angles of 30 degrees, while a rip chainsaw has a sharpening angle of about 10 degrees. Since all chainsaws come with their own sharpening angle, you should find out what sharpening angle is best for your own cutting activities, before you go on to buy one.

It is possible to estimate the sharpening angle for your chainsaw, by yourself. You can do this, by measuring with a file, or by marking reference using the witness mark that comes on some chainsaw models. This is important when sourcing for what chainsaw to buy, as deeper angled chainsaw would cut fine- but with less smooth strokes. If you’re particularly concerned about getting smooth cuts on your works, then what you need is a chainsaw with a shallow angle.

If you’re going to be sharpening the tool by yourself, make sure you’re using a sharpening file that fits the diameter of the chainsaw blade angle. This way, you would be effectively sharpening the chainsaw blade and tooth angles, without altering them.

Why you importantly need to sharpen your chainsaw at the right angle

Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain

Expert chainsaw users would always emphasize on chainsaw angles, because they’ve had firsthand experiences of how this affects their work. Sharpening the chainsaw at specific angles, would always be an important component to effective chainsaw use. It is even more important because the implications of a wrongly sharpened blade, goes beyond the quality of work that is produced.

Firstly, you’ll see that the right chainsaw angle helps you become more efficient as you slice the wood. This is because the chainsaw blade cuts rightly into the wood, hence requiring relatively less effort from you. If you’re using a wrongly sharpened blade, then you would need to produce more driving efforts- one way or the other, before the work is done. This is summarily why you must always use the chainsaws with the right angles.

A wrong blade angle, gets the machine stuck between wood, as you cut. When this happens, you would not only need to expend efforts on the impact strokes, but also in removing the machine from the wood- after every cut. This gives you some unnecessary work, which is what should be expected when the wrong machine specifications are used.

Another disadvantage with using a blade with the wrong angle, is that you would also need to expend more powering resources on the overall. Hence, if you’re using a fuel-powered machine, you would tend to burn up more fuel before the pile of work is done. All of these, increases your work cost implications, hence reducing your profits too. So if you think your machine type does not necessarily determine how much profits you’re making, then you just might be wrong.

On another hand, working with the right chainsaw angle, really does enhance the safety of the user- while at work. Usually, if a chainsaw gets stuck in wood, it almost immediately tries to pull free. In the process of doing this, the machine may launch out forward, and also hit the user. This is known as a chainsaw kickback, and could lead to injuries. If you have the correct chainsaw angles however, your work would go on smoothly- with way reduced chances for kickbacks.

If you have the right tools, sharpening a chainsaw only takes few minutes. Although it is quite easy to determine your chainsaw angles and sharpen them appropriately, you may consult the services of an expert- if you’re not yet sure of how exactly to do it. You can ask the professional to put you through the processes for a few times, or until you’re able to get it done yourself.

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How To Make Chainsaw Cut Faster

What Can I Use for Chainsaw Bar Oil?

How To Make Chainsaw Cut Faster

The leap from axe to chainsaw is probably one of the most evolutionary leap that has happened in the history of tools. Suddenly, the task of felling a tree moved from the extremely difficult and time-consuming task it used to be, to an incredibly quick process.

Today, chainsaws have become some popular that even gardeners now own them for felling and pruning trees. Despite the efficacy of chainsaws, they will be nearly useless without a sharp saw chain. There’s no need to be too worried, however, because unlike most other power tools, the chain of a chainsaw can be sharpened. The good news is that it doesn’t even take too long to get done with the process.

In case you have a dull saw chain, here are a few tips and tricks by OWTFA.com that you can adopt to get it back to the sharp tool you desire.

Sharpen With a File

How To Make Chainsaw Cut Faster

This is one of the most popular ways to get your chainsaw sharp again. This method involves the use of a file to hand sharpen the chain until it gets sharp enough again. At first, this method will be slow, but with time and mastering, it gets surprisingly faster.

To start, take a close look at the chain. You will find that it a series of teeth with sharpened edges that are semicircular shaped. This is the curved edges that normally needs sharpening. In order to efficiently sharpen it, you would need to have a round file with matching diameter. You’ll also notice on close examination that the cutting teeth are arranged at alternating angles.

In between the cutting teeth, you will find flat pieces of metal with the shape of the dorsal fin of a shark. They are usually slightly shorter than the cutting teeth, so you will easily identify them. This part of the chainsaw doesn’t require sharpening, but it is important to know them before going on with the sharpening.

For consistency in result, you will need to mount the file on a sharpening guide. The guide is meant for two things: providing a flat surface on the saw chain where the file can be rested and controlling the depth that the file can cut. You will find sharpening guide being sold in most tool stores.

Usually, you will need to select a round file that will match the diameter if the cutting teeth edge. With a no permanent marker, mark the first cutting tooth that will be sharpened. This should play the role of a visual reminder of where you began sharpening from.

Rest the guide on top of the chain, them adjust until the angle line drawn on the guide gets parallel with the steel bar of the saw. At this point, pull the file in a forward motion across the cutting tooth.

Slowly and steadily repeat the process a couple of times, repeating the same amount of filing strokes on the other teeth. You will notice that the entire cutting edge is clean and shiny when it gets sharpened properly.

Portable Power Sharpener

Portable Power Sharpener Chainsaw

This is a less popular way to sharpen the chain of a chain saw, but it is very effective too. It is quicker and more efficient, considering that most of the job is done automatically. You will find the portable power tools in two types when you want to purchase. The rotary tool is the first one. It comes with other chainsaw sharpening accessories including an alignment guide and q grinding stone. They are available in cordless and electrical versions.

The second type of portable power tool that you will likely get in the market is the electric rotary grinder. This one is designed specifically for sharpening saw chains. It does it very efficiently and in a very short time.

Using a Bench-Top Sharpener

Using a Bench-Top Sharpener Chainsaw

This is a more advanced way to sharpen a chainsaw. It is the perfect option for people that use their chainsaw professionally and all round the year. It is the fastest method on our list and it delivers the most consistent and accurate results as far as sharpening the saw chain is concerned. This tool operates in the form of a miter saw. However, it is equipped with a 4½” diameter grinding wheel instead of the wood cutting blade. When in operation, the wheel moves up to 35 degree in the two opposing directions, so that it can accommodate all the cutting angles of the saw chain.

Proper Maintenance

Finally, nothing beats proper maintenance if you desire to keep your chainsaw sharp end ready to work all year round. When not in use, store in a cool dry place, to keep it from rusting. Ensure to clean properly and regularly to avoid debris of woods stocking up in sensitive angles of the chain.

Adhere to other maintenance tips on the pack of the chainsaw, to minimize the potentiality of the saw chain going blunt. When the chain Gets blunt, once in a while, it is important to get an expert to handle its sharpening if you can’t. This is to avoid getting nit spoiled in the process of trying to repair.

There you have it. A few tips that can help you get the best out of the chain of your chain saw. Remember that the efficacy of your chainsaw is mostly dependent on how sharp the chain is. Hence, the need to keep it constantly sharp.


What Can I Use for Chainsaw Bar Oil?

What Can I Use for Chainsaw Bar Oil?

If you have ever owned a chainsaw, then you know that they always come with a recommendation for what type of bar oil you should use.  But if that particular oil isn’t available to you or you simply find that the price it far too expensive, what are you to do? 

As far as OWTFA.com knows, The answer is actually much simpler than you may think.  In fact, with a little bit of improvising, you will be able to find many different alternatives to bar oil for your chainsaw than you would have thought.

But very similar to the recommendations of the chainsaw manufacturer, any alternative oils that you are planning to use will need to be selected to make sure that the optimal performance of the chainsaw, as well as maintaining its durability as well.

So before you even think about testing out any type of alternative oil, you are first going to have to make sure that any type of deviation away from what the manufacturer has recommended will nullify your chainsaw’s warranty.  As soon as you find this out, it will be much easier for you to arrive at the most appropriate solution to your chainsaw bar oil problems.

What Can I Use for Chainsaw Bar Oil

Before you are able to find which alternative oil is going to work best for your chainsaw bar, you are going to first need to understand exactly what the manufacturer’s oil was going to provide.  These can include:

  • Slipperiness – The better chainsaw lubricants are going to be very slippery as they will need to prevent any type of tree sap or other debris from getting stuck to the bars while you are using your saw.
  • Stickiness – When you factor in that a chainsaw runs at a pace of roughly 45 miles per hour when at full throttle, the alternative oil that you decide to use if going to need to have enough stickiness to stick to the chain.
  • Eco-Friendly – Whatever alternative oil you decide to use should ideally be eco-friendly.  It will need to be biodegradable and should not put off any type of poisonous fumes when you are using it.

While there is no shortage of different types of oil within the oil industry, if you are going to be successful when it comes to using an alternative type of chainsaw bar oil, it will need to fulfill all of the requirements that have been set forth by the manufacturer. 

Here are some of the most efficient alternatives when it comes to chainsaw bar oil substitutes:

Motor Oil

Motor Oil for chainsaw

Chances are that you may actually have some motor oil in the garage for your car, but if not, it is one of the easiest types of oil to get your hands on.  On top of being highly accessible, it is also much more affordable than most chainsaw bar oils as well.

With that being said, you need to be sure that if you do decide to use motor oil for your chainsaw bar, that you only use filtered motor oil.  This means that if you are going to recycle used oil from your car, you will need to filter it first. 

If you are going to use motor oil as bar oil, be sure that it is warm when you are harvesting, as this can aid in helping to ease the entire filtration process that will ultimately lead too much cleaner oil.  This means that you are going to have to collect the oil from your car before it has a chance to cool off, or even with the engine running.

Before you do decide to use motor oil as chainsaw lubricant, you are going to want to take a second and compare the weights of the oil that you are using in your car, with your chainsaw’s requirements and the season.  If it is the summer time, you will want to use SAE 30 weight motor oil, and if it is during the winter, you will want a SAE 10 weight.

While motor oil is readily available and very efficient, its usage is still not recommended, as it is not a naturally biodegradable substance.  With that being said, any effects that it does have on the environment are going to be negligible.  That being said, it is hard to outweigh these few shortcomings with motor oil’s availability and affordability.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil for chainsaw

Another great substitute for chainsaw bar oil that is also very affordable is vegetable oil.  On top of that, vegetable oil also maximizes on most of the parts it comes in contact with in the chainsaw’s motor, making it an even more ideal lubricant.  Plus, with vegetable oil being biodegradable, it is also an environmental friendly option.

One of the other benefits of using vegetable oil as chainsaw bar lubricant is that it will also come in handy when you need to use your chainsaw in a hygienic situation.  For example, say that you need to quarter a lamb or deer.  Are you really going to use chain oil that was recommended by the manufacturer for this?  And to top it of, vegetable oil is not going to stain your clothes like motor oil or regular chainsaw oil will.

Essentially, before you decide to settle on only using the recommended chainsaw bar oil from the chainsaw company, you may want to consider some of the other alternative options that are available too you.  Just be sure that when you are looking at alternative chainsaw bar oil substitutes, you take a second and compare their eco-friendliness and lubrication power, as that is what’s most important when it comes to your chainsaw oil.

If you are going to try and save some money with your saw and your oil, you are going to need to commit to using a chainsaw bar oil alternative.  While the alternatives that have been listed above are great choices for you to make, just be sure that you are not going to void out your chainsaw’s warranty when you do use an alternative bar oil on it.