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Best Chainsaw Chains For HardWood

The chainsaw has continued to gain popularity since its invention. Today, most woodcutters have dumped the use of ask for the more innovative chainsaw. Of course, the choice is understandable, considering the speed and efficiency of chainsaws. A very important part of the chainsaw is the chain. It will make for unfruitful labor if your saw chain is not properly sharpened.

The popularity of chainsaws means that most of their accessories come in different models and brands. As expected, different models of chainsaw chains are produced for different purposes. In this article, Owtfa.com will focus our guide on reviewing 5 of the best chains for chainsaw machines. There are tons of different models in the market, but after careful research, we found these to be the best for cutting hardwoods.

Husqvarna H30-72 Pixel Saw Chain Model

Best Chainsaw Chains For HardWood

There are only very few chainsaw chains in the class of the Husqvarna H30-72 Pixel. The company behind its production is a reputed one, so we do not expect any less from them. This saw chain is the perfect choice for chainsaw users that consistently use their chainsaws on hardwoods. The chain is durable, sharp and long-lasting. So, you are guaranteed of the best cutting experience. It is compatible for nearly all the popular brands of 18″ chainsaws.

The versatility of this model is impressive, considering that it is suited for all types of woodcutting projects. Hence, its soaring popularity.

The thing about this product is that it cuts smoothly through smooth and rough woods with ease. The chains will not get stretched or compressed by the roughness of any wood, so you can go on working without scare of damage.

Homeowners too can also use this chain for working on big outdoor projects. Despite its durability for rough edges, there is still need to be careful when using this chain. This is because it has a tendency to lose go blunt when it contacts with stone, bricks, and ice.

Oregon Poulan Advance Cut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon Poulan Advance Cut Chainsaw Chain

One look at this chain and you can already tell that it is built to handle tough tasks. If you’re looking for the right chain for accurately cutting through hardwood, then this is it. It offers everything a professional woodcutter will need in a chain, from performance to durability, and speed. That does not mean that it cannot be used by homeowners.

The manufacturers of this chain had versatility in mind even they created a chain that can hold its ground for home and professional use. Usually, it is created to fit with different brands of chainsaw, but the company provides for replacement and adjustment if it doesn’t fit into your brand. The innovative design of this chain means that you can get smooth cuts with it at faster time than you will with most others. This makes for the possibility of working faster and more accurately.

It is the perfect choice for use on any 18″ chainsaw, especially if you desire to get a smooth cut.

Poulan Super Chainsaw Chain

Poulan Super Chainsaw Chain

The Poulan brand may not be as popular as the others listed in this guide, bit they certainly know what it takes to be among the best. This chain is a clear representation of the level of quality that the brand can bring. Poulan is reputed for the manufacture of chainsaws. Recently, they diversified into the production of saw chains for sell, and this is one of the best of their product for cutting hardwood. While it is designed as a replacement chain for Poulan chainsaws, we’ve found that it is also compatible with most other popular brands.

The chain guarantees to remain sharp long if you are able to match it with the right chainsaw. Be assured that you will get incredible performance from the chain.

It is a very versatile chain. Hence, it can be used for nearly all projects. Surprisingly, the chain manages to combine all these incredible features at an affordable price.

Oregon S52 14Inch Chain

Oregon S52 14Inch Chain

Most people think that owning a 14″ chainsaw translates to less capacity, but that’s not exactly true. In fact, there are 14″ chainsaws that perform better than their larger rivals. With the Oregon 14″ chain fitted on your chain saw, you can be guaranteed of speed, performance, and quality.

This is a chain that can tackle all kinds of woods, from hard to light. The ability of the chain to make smooth and fast cuts, makes it the perfect option for a wide variety of cutting and trimming applications.

The presence of chamfer chisel cutters on the chain means more speed, durability, and precision. It is hard-chromed and heat-treated to make it tougher and more resistant to corrosion. While cutting, this chain has an ability to clear debris while reducing vibration and cutting away the risk of kickbacks.

Oregon D70 20″ Vanguard

Oregon D70 20 Vanguard

Yet another entrant from this brand into our list goes a long way to show how much attention the brand pays to quality. It. Is the perfect chain for your 20″ chainsaw if you intend to constantly cut hardwoods. Its innovative design easily gives it away as one of the best saw chain you will own.

There are so many things about this saw chain that stands it out from most of its rivals. It is manufactured with attention paid to durability, hence, its ability to maintain a steady cut for a long time without counting out. It is also designed to be fast and easy to use. It is probably the best option if you are a professional woodworker that intends to cut through a pile of woods within a limited time.

There you have it, some of the best saw chains available in the market for cutting hardwoods. Because of their nature, hardwoods can be quite difficult to cut smoothly, hence, the need for specialized chain. Each of the chains reviewed above will do an excellent job for cutting hardwoods.

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